Fixed Autel IM608 II JVCI+ Bluetooth Connection Issue

Problem: Regarding the Autel IM608 Pro2 + IMKPA expanded key programming I faced problem when I want to connect to the car. It takes a long time for connecting to the car.


What’s the matter? Please help.




Some customers met Bluetooth connection issue after upgrading IM608S II VCI firmware to V1.23. Here we provide 2 solutions to fix the problem.


Solution 1. Reboot JVCI+

The temporary solution is to connect the JVCI+ to the 12 volt external power supply. Then connect JVCI+ to the IM608 II tablet via Bluetooth.


When it is not connecting normally, disconnect firstly and then connect to the power supply again(the point is to reboot the JVCI+). Then you can connect the JVCI+ via Bluetooth again.



Solution 2. Update JVCI+ OS Version

  1. Download the PC suits from Autel website:

* Please noted that the PC suits is just for the JVCI+ driver, install the PC suits. For the PC can recognize the JVCI+.


  1. Download the zipped file of VCIUpdate:


  1. Run the following device to upgrade exe file.

Select “MaxiFlash JVCI+” in the following interface, then click on: 确定(confirm) >> 检测设备(detect device) >> 开始升级(start to upgrade VCI OS)



  1. After JVCI+ has been upgraded, test with the IM608 II tablet again with Bluetooth. To check if the Bluetooth connection is back to normal.


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