Which piece of adapter to use in autel ds708

autel ds708

Author:www.auteltech.com   As we all know Autel Maxidas DS708 is a universal diagnostic tool which is for all car models. In the carry case, it contains 26 pieces of accessories. Then which piece of adapter to use? Although most users know it, I would like to share here.   Please look at the following diagram:     As the picture shown above, generally speaking, firstly, connect the main cable with DS708, then among all the adapters choose a corresponding adapter to connect with the vehicle, which adapter to choose, it depends on your car’s OBD diagnostic socket.   For more details, you can check: www.auteltech.com

How to use Autel Maxidas DS708

Autel MaxiDAS ® DS708 setup: Step 1: Insert the Memory Card Make sure the SD Memory Card is inserted properly into the MaxiDAS DS708 card slot. 1. Insert the SD memory card with the metal contacts facing down and pointing toward the tool. 2. Remove the card and insert it again if the DS708 SD … Read more How to use Autel Maxidas DS708