Can Autel TS501 + MX-Sensor Work on 2015 BMW Motorcycle?

Question: Can Autel TS501 + MX-Sensor Work on 2015 BMW Motorcycle? engineer replied

BMW motorbike is capable of activating the sensor earlier. Autel has no longer offered motorbike sensors due to design complexity and other concerns.


Because Autel MX-Sensor installation cannot be as close to the tire as the OE sensor. It will remain parallel to the tire, which may pose a safety risk. In addition to knowing about older software availability, this function has been removed.


The difference is in the mounting position: the OE sensor is a curved shape that fits snugly on the hub while MX-Sensor is mounted. In this case, the sensor and tire have no contact properly.


However, Autel MX-Sensor can still perfectly fit for 98% vehicles covering European, North American and Asian models.


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