Benz C300 All Keys Lost by Autel IM608 Pro with G-BOX2

Today, we’re going to be doing the key for  2008 Mercedes Benz C300 RK (2008- 2014 year Mercedes) all keys lost via OBD using AUTEL IM608 PRO and G-BOX2.

So, we will need:


APB 125 IR Reader

APC 101 cable

USB cable


K-line cable

Fuse cable

Diagnostic tool

We’re going to use Mercedes infrared collector to collect the password from the EIS.

We’re gonna need a K-line cable which is going to connected to the electric steering lock.

Plug it and the female side pin number 3.

If you guys get stuck, don’t worry, there’s a diagram that tells you exactly what pin it goes to and it gives you a picture.

This is our fuse cable.

I’m gonna show you exactly where this goes at and the fuse box.

These two are gonna go right here to where it says relay.

GBOX2 is going to go connected to the OBD of the car, and this side goes to the MaxiFlash.

Okay, let’s go for next.

Tap “IMMO”, then “Accept”, then “Mercedes Benz” (you can also tap “Auto detect”).

Select “Expert selection”, then “Get password”, then “All keys lost(fast)”.

This is telling you how it works, how we can do all key lost through OBD, or some you have to take out the EIS, tap “OK” to go on.

Select “On vehicle G-box (Fast)”.

We have to do an auto scan to see which EIS type we have.

Make sure you have a good power, a jumper, good WiFi, the tablet is powered up.

You see a little plug up there, a little blue plug, that one is connected to pin number 3, K-line you see where it says K7, that’s where that’s connected, down here, it says relay.

And I have my little hotspot.

So get password remains 9 minutes.

That’s connected to the fuse box.

let me show you guys where I’m connecting the fuse, it’s the last one.

Usually we get the password from the key, but the keys stop working, we couldn’t read the password off of it.

So I had to remove the pen on the bottom.

Okay to connect that blue plug, this is what I’m doing actually, so I don’t have to remove the ignition.

Now, I spend 15 minutes to calculate the password, press “OK”.

Password calculation completed!

Press OK to return to the All Key Lost Data Collection process and go to the next step.

Generating key file. So it took a pretty long time for this Autel IM608 which is supposed to be fast on the G-BOX2.

So it says please insert the blank key into the IR keyhole on the programmer and press OK.

Detecting key…

Writing key file…

All keys lost completed, after pressing OK, check if the new key can be used normally according to the instruction.

Insert the new key into the EIS. If the red indicator lamp on the key lights up and goes off, the key learning is successful.

If the red indicator lamp stays lit, try inserting and removing the key for several times. If still not working, the key addition failed.

Turn ignition on and check if the vehicle can be started normally, if the vehicle not started normally, the key addition failed.

Check if remote lock and unlock functions can work normally. If not, please check if the key battery can work normally.

If the key battery works morally and the remote function is still invalid, the key addition failed.

The new key locks and unlocks successfully, so we’ve successfully programmed to the vehicle using Autel IM608 and G-box2.