About Autel:
Autel is a well-known brand of various high-quality  auto diagnostic tools for obdii diagnostics, ECU programming or key making.

Autel diagnostic tools features:

Quality-assured: 100% genuine by distinguished experts and engineers

Easy-to-use: hand-held or pad

Cost-effective: powerful function, at a reasonable price

Innovative: updatablein software (function) and firmware design

Friendly: meet international quality & environment standards, e.g. FCC, CE and RoHS.

Multilingual: autel products designed for the international with different languages

Note: each Autel scanner has a detailed introduction of its software and firmware, specification also. All details can be found on the page of

Hot Autel scan tools:

Autel maxidas ds808,Autel maxisys ms906,Autel ms908p ,Autel al619,Autel ms908,Autel maxisys mini

Autel scan tools coverage:

Autel scanners mainly cover basic OBDII code readers Autel AutoLink series, specialized service tools like VAG505, OLS301, EBS301, professional Autel scan tools MaxiDiag Elite series, and comprehensive diagnostic & analysis systems Autel MaxiDAS and MaxiSys series. Also, innovative solutions are offered here for other specialized vehicle diagnosis, such as the TPMS universal solution with OE sensors, professional TPMS scan tools and Programming Accessory Device (PAD).

Here are the Autel product list…

Autel Automotive Diagnostic& Analysis System:

MaxiSys,MaxiSys Pro,MaxiSys Elite,MaxiSys MS906,MaxiSys MS906BT,MaxiSys MS906TS

Autel Professional Scan Tools:

MaxiDiag Elite MD701, MD702, MD703,MD704,MD802,MOT Pro

Autel Code Readers/Code Scanners:

Autolink AL301,AL319,AL419,AL519,AL619,AL439,AL539,AL539b,AL609,AL100

Autel Specialty Products:

MaxiCheck EPB,MaxiCheck Oil Light/Service Reset,MaxiCheck Airbag/ABS

MaxiCheck DPF Reset,MaxiCheck Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

TPMS Diagnostic & Service Tool

MaxiTPMS TS101, TS401, TS501,TS601,MaxiTPMS PAD

J2534 PassThru

MaxiFlash Pro

Electrical Testers

MaxiTester MX101,MaxiTester MX201

Automotive Oscilloscope

MaxiScope MP408

Digital Inspection Cameras

Maxivideo MV208,MV400,MaxiVideo MV105/108

Discontinued Products

MaxiDAS DS708,Maxivideo MV101,Maxivideo MV201,Maxivideo MV301,PowerScan PS100,MaxiSys Mini

Autel scanner comparison:
It’s the hottest Autel automotive diagnostic tablet. Compare to each other and make a choice yourself.
Autel MaxiSYS MS906 vs MaxiSys Elite vs MaxiSys MS908 vs MaxiSYS MS908P vs MaxiSys Mini MS905




Autel Maxisys vs Snap On:

Its tough because maxisys is awesome when it works. But they are still working on it.
Fixing bugs and glitches. Snap on is more proven and has a awesome reputation I love the scope and whatever the maxisys won’t do the verus will but I find myself going for the maxisys more as a primary its lighter and quicker and seems to have a lot ofspecial functions the verus don’t biggest reason I bought maxisys was the price and I
was mislead to believe I was getting a labscope. I would say if only one tool and money not a issue go with verus. Otherwise maxisys is a really good / cheaper alternative

Autel scanner review:

Review 1:

Autel MaxiScan MS509 OBD-II/EOBD Scanner

I am a retired automotive tech and shop owner, as well as a 35 year FAA Aircraft Airframe and Powerplant mechanic (as well as FAA Maintenance Inspector), so I pretty much know which end of a wrench to grab, and have seen a lot of technology.

I needed a graphing scanner to find a problem that freeze-frame data just wasn’t picking up, so despite having several other scan-tools, I decided to try an Autel MS-509.

I must say that I am AMAZED! This thing has exceeded my wildest expectations in spades!

I have a 2001 Volvo that was suffering from severe surge and hesitation, and NOTHING would pin down the problem, including the dealership’s many-thousand-dollar VIDA computer system. Volvo recommended replacing the coil packs, the plugs, and the MAF sensor just to narrow down the usual suspects. Not cheap!

Hooking up the MS-509 and using the super-simple menu (very intuitive vs. other units that I must have the manual open to use), I was able to graphically depict ALL relevant parameters (PINS) and by observing them live while driving the vehicle, the cause was immediately obvious.

Needless to say, I now consider my other scanners and code-readers surplus (including two that cost considerably more, and the other that cost a multiple of the Autel unit).

I sat in total amazement holding this unit in my hand using its ability to live-chart virtually any functions I wished (among them MAF, Throttle Position, Ignition Advance, O2 Sensor Readings, RPM, and MORE).

Simply the MOST analyzer/scanner I think you can buy for (double or triple?) the price!

Review 2:

Autel maxisys ms908p

had the scanner for a couple of years now, still works good, i just wanted to add that the cost to sign up for software update after the 1 year thats included is about ~$600 (total care package for 1 year, update and warranty) which i thought is kind of high, especially concidering the current price of the model. but on the plus side the updates are not mandatory, i haven’t purchased any update packages since i first got mine and dont find the need to yet (dont really have any cars that are newer than 2014 that i need to work on)

Review 3:

Autel OBD2 scanner

This is an outstanding OBD2 scanner. I’ve used it for 2 weeks on all makes and models and I’m still amazed at the detail it can provide. Had a customer come in with a free scan print out he got at the local parts store showing a catalytic converter problem, wanting a quote to replace it. I used the scanner which showed both cats were good, and that he only had a bad 02 sensor. He absolutely did’nt believe me. I selected all 4 sensors, put it in graph mode and showed him bank 2 sensor 1 showed no activity. He was amazed! Replaced the sensor, problem solved. Customer gained. After purchashing the scanner, I had a minor problem registering the unit. I contacted the home office and immeadiately received outstanding help from Lin Vernon. Lin was totally customer service focused and got me on track in no time! This product is so much easier to use and provides so much more information than my Snap – On Modis, I can’t beleive I was considering sending my Modis in for service – (a $175.00 up front fee for them to even “look” at their own product!!)
It’s also less than half the price of a new Modis. I highly recommend it to any shop.

Review 4:

Autel DS708

I purchased the Maxidas as a replacement for an older OTC Genisys that was sorely out of date and needing updated software and cables. To update the old Genisys, I was looking at about $1500, and this did not even include the European software.

After reading many reviews on line and at various auto tech sites, I decided that the purchase of the Maxidas was the best option. This scanner has been on the market over a year, so I figured they have had time to work out all the initial problems.

The scanner, along with carrying case and cables/adapters appear to be well made. Carrying case has nice foam cutouts that securely hold all the adapters.

I updated the tool via wireless and it took probably 4 hours. Next time I will use the card reader and update via PC.
For some reason, when I tried to access the internet via the wireless, it would not connect and I got an error message. I went back to the wireless set up and rebooted (reconnected) and it fixed the problem.

The connect time is a little on the slow side, but not terrible.

I haven’t had much time to use this but I did connect to a 2010 Corolla. I was able to get into all of the modules and even noticed it has the ability to reset the calibration on the occupant seat/Airbag module along with a very nice datastream of the Airbag/SRS system. Also noticed it has the ability to reset steering calibration on the electronic steering on this car.

Connected to a 98 Chevy pickup and it had the typical features found on the OTC Genisys along with bidirectional controls a plenty.

Overall, I’m satisfied with its performance and recommend it to others that are facing the delimma of updating an older scan tool or buying new. Since the Maxidas has Europeam software installed, I will now be able to take on some of that work that I have turned away in the past due to lack of equipment.

The Maxidas DS708 is affordable and will give OTC and SnapOn some much needed competition.

Review 5:

Worth every penny

For the price it did everything I thought it would. Took a little while to figure how to update the database and finally had to call customer support. The memory card shipped with it was 4 gig and it is not big enough to fit all the updates on it. Had to buy a larger memory card to fit the updates on it. No battery in the unit but powers up fine when plugged into the car. It reads more codes and modules than any hand held scanner I’ve had. The software is little cluncky but does work fine. I wish it had scaling on the graph functions, they are auto scale and are a little annoying trying to watch the graphs while the scale is changing all the time. There may be a way to change it to manual scale but I don’t know how. Some of the things I have used it for so far – 1) troubleshoot the transmission on my daughters 2000 mazda 626, recorded the gear requested and actuall gear. 2) troubleshoot a bad wire on the Mass Air flow sensor on my friends Ford 500, recorded the MAF while driving. 3) Troubleshoot the air doors on my 2004 tahoe, three times. 4) Troubleshoot the automatic transfer case on the tahoe. 5) checked codes on 2006 impala SS. 6) Found the burned out light on a Dodge Ram pickup (Dodge has a message on the dash that tells the driver a light is out, doesn’t say which one but the scanner does tell which one).