Autel XP400 Key and Chip Programmer Review

Autel XP400 is powerful Chip and Key Programmer, which need to work with Autel MaxiIM IM608/IM508. Autel Xp400 support Read/Write Vehicle Transponder Chip Data, including Benz Infrared Keys, Generate Vehicle-specific Keys and Dealers’Key;Read ECU Data, including EEPROM and MCU;and Read/Write Vehicle Keys and Remotes Data.

Autel XP400 Device Detail Introduction:

1. DC Port – provides 12V DC power supply.
2. USB Port – provides data communication and 5V DC power supply.
3. DB 26-Pin Port – connects with the Mercedes Benz infrared cable, vehicle key cable, ECU cable, MCU cable, MC9S12 cable.
4. Cross Signal Pins – holds the MCU board, MCU spare cable or DIY signal interface.
5. IC Card Induction Area
6. Vehicle Key Slot – holds the vehicle key.
7. Transponder Slot – holds the transponder.
8. Remote Control Transponder Induction Area Figure 2-5 XP400 Views 11
9. Mercedes Infrared Key Slot – holds the Mercedes infrared key.
10. Status LED – indicates the current operating status.
11. Locker – locks the EEPROM component transponder slot to ensure proper functioning.
12. EEPROM Component Transponder Slot – holds the EEPROM plug-in transponder or EEPROM socket.

2.1 USB Port

Type B USB port is used for data communication and USB power supply of tablet device, ATProgrammer on PC and XP400 Super Programmer.

2.2 DC Port

DC interface is used to provide 12V DC power supply for XP400 Super Programmer

2.3 DB 26-Pin Port

The port can connect with four components: ECU cable, MCU cable, MC9S12 cable, and Benz infrared cable (encapsulated interface, no cable definition).

Table 1. ECU Cable Definition

No. Color Definition Pin Position Corresponding to DB26 Remark
1 Red VCC12V 7
2 Black GND 10/25
3 Green IGN 14
4 Orange CANL 8
5 Blue CANH 17
6 Brown BOOTM /
7 Yellow K 18
8 White LIN 26

Table 2. MCU Cable Definition

No. Color Definition Pin Position Corresponding to DB26 Remark
1 Red and Black VPP2 12
2 Red and Yellow VCC12V 7
3 Red and Blue VPPR 20
4 Red and White VPP1 20
5 Black GND 25
6 Gray S3 23
7 Green S9 2
8 Blue S4 11
9 White S1 14
10 Purple S7 4
11 Orange S6 13
12 Yellow S8 19
13 Red S5 21
14 Brown S2 5
15 White and Green S10 9
17 Black GND 10 Shielded Twisted Pair
18 White OSC 1 Shielded Twisted Pair

Table 3. MC9S12 Cable Definition

No. Color Definition Pin Position Corresponding to DB26 Remark
1 Red VCC5V 16
2 Black GND 10/25
3 Green XCLKS 2
4 Blue T/R 11
5 Yellow RESET 19
6 Black GND 10 Shielded Twisted Pair
7 White OSC 1 Shielded Twisted Pair

2.1 Cross Signal Pin

Used to hold external MCU spare cable or DIY signal connection cable for reading and writing special MCU and ECU chip.

2.2 Vehicle Key Slot

Used to hold a variety of vehicle keys for reading and writing vehicle key information.

2.3 Transponder Slot

Used to hold a variety of transponders for reading and writing transponder information.

2.4 Benz Infrared Key Slot

Used to hold Benz infrared transponder for reading and writing Benz infrared transponder information.

2.5 Status Indicator Lamp

The status indicator lamp is used to display the current operating status of the XP400 Super Programmer. The statuses of the indicators are as follows

Table 5. Description of Status Indicator Lamp

Bi-color Lamp Status Description
Indicator lamp Solid green Normal power supply
Flashing green Working
Solid red / yellow Fault

2.6 Locker

Used to hold EEPROM plug-in chip, or EEPROM socket (SOP8 chip placed in the socket) for reading and writing EEPROM data.

Autel XP400 Connection:

Autel XP400 Software Download and Update:

Autel XP400 ATProgrammer Software Download and Firmware Update

Autel XP400 vs XP400 Pro vs VVDI PROG:

Feature XP400 XP400 PRO VVDI PROG
EEPROM re*d/write — MCU raad/write 330 chip types _ 1541 chip types 445 different chip types newly added support (AM29FXXX series. MB29FXXX fries) 2067 chip types 429 different chip types
7S8 different chip types
Enflne ECU read/write 40 chip types 41 chip types Xd write support for SIMTEC76(AM29F8OOBB).WRITE fngine ECU read (74 types)
mmobiliitr ECU etd/write 168 chip types 181 chip types 171 chip typw
Odometer read/write read odometer module 9 types eX odometer module 171 tvpe$(update in July) ead odometer module 171 types
Airb«g re*d/write re*d airbag module 5 types ead airbag module 5 types eX airbag module 54 types
Frequency (tettctlon Key read/wnte 31S/433/868MHZ 315/433/868MHZ N/A
support support N/A
Unlock key N/A support 11 key type$(Audi/BMW| ‘… – 6 key types
Writ# key 5* dump Mitsubishi, Suzuki, fiat, jndroverjugu^r Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Fiat, Undrover, Juguar Support 40*vthkle maken
Easy to uK/sUbllltv l.menus are too value and can’t select intuitively I. with high<definition wiring dkigram$(no< sufficiently coveredl l.Stability of key read/write, chip read/write, IR key read/write are greatly enhanced. menus are too vague and can’t select intuitively 3 with high definition wiring diagram$(not wffkwntly covered) I. menus are clear and e«y to k with high definition wiring d<agfam$(wmciently covered) J. high stability of chip read/write

Download: Autel XP400 User Manual

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