Autel TS608 Basic & Advanced Diagnostics Introduction

Today we want to talk about some of the latest innovations that Autel team is bringing to technicians. Many of you may have heard about Autel MaxiTPMS TS608 TPMS Tool in case you’re seeing this tool for the first time.


Basic Functions

As 3-in-1 tool, Autel TS608 is a touch screen Android-based tablet that meets the needs of shops handling tires as well as general service and maintenance. TS608 includes complete TPMS capability as well as basic diagnostics and service functions.


Basic diagnostics refers to the tool’s ability to read and clear codes from all vehicle modules as well as code descriptions, live data and freeze frame data.


Autel TS608 also includes service functions such as steering angle sensor calibration, battery registration and electronic parking brake caliper retraction. That’s just to name a few, there’s actually 24 in all I know.


Advanced Capability:

  1. Component Test, Service Bay Test, Injector Coding

We talked about this tool including basic diagnostics but there’s nothing basic about the new features that we’ve added to the TS608. We want to reward our customers and offer upgraded software at no additional charged. That’s going to add bi-directional capability and pro level features to the TS608. We’re talking about advanced capability that includes active component tests, service bay tests and some basic coding.


The TS608 will now have enough power to tackle even the more complex diagnostics. The value is totally unmatched and the capability in these tools will put them on par with some of the most advanced diagnostic tools that are available.


  1. Share Diagnostic Report

Let’s talk about the new cloud-based reporting features that are now available on the TS608 as well. Many of you are asking us for a way to share scan report data across platforms or point-of-sale PCS. We can also share them directly with the customer via text message:

Shop manager >> Vehicle history >> Select diagnostic report >> Share


With this new capability, this new feature brings the advanced vehicle health report sharing to every repair shop at no additional cost. It’s an amazing feature.


If already own one of these tools and have an active subscription, the software upgrades will be available once the tool is connected to Wi-Fi. If your Total Care Program (TCP) subscription is expired, contact us to purchase an Update Service.


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