Autel Tesla Software Version 2 Upgrade on Ultra Series Tables

Autel has released software version 2 upgrade to improve diagnostics for Tesla vehicles. The update has enhanced Tesla coverage for Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles as well as new special functions such as ECU reset and connection test. The upgrade version is now available on all Autel Maxisys Ultra, Ultra EV, MS919, MS909 and MS909EV with active subscriptions.


Traction battery and HVAC compressor testing can be performed on Tesla vehicles with the Ultra EV, MS909EV or with the Ultra, MS919, MS909 plus the purchase of the EVDiag Kit.


Recent software updates, diagnostic cable and adapter releases now enable all Ultra series tablets to perform Diagnostics, special functions and coding on Tesla SX3 and Y models.


Tesla update 2.0 for the Ultra series of tablets includes read and erase codes capability for the Tesla model 3 and Y. For an expansive list of systems that offer ECU reset and connection tests which are two of the special functions.


Autel released a new Tesla compatible JX03-IAI-778 adapter(TESKIT3Y) to facilitate the Diagnostics. The CAN001 cable in Autel TESKIT released earlier this year must also be connected to CAN port on model 3 and model Y.


Autel released software updates and the TESKIT for Tesla S and X vehicles in July 2021. The TESKIT includes LAN001, CAN001 and CAN002 to diagnose pre and post 2015 Tesla S and X models. Autel connect sheets are included with cable and adapter kits.


From its inception, Autel has been committed to providing its users with the tools and software to meet the demands of diagnosing and serving the ever-evolving automobile. Out commitment to our users is behind our release of Autel Ultra EV, 909 EV tablets and the EV Diag software device. This includes the connector kit that brings EV diagnostic capability to the Ultra series of tablets.


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