Autel MK908 Pro2 Reset 2023 BMW 520D F10 DPF Filter

Today I’m going to show how to reset the DPF filter on a 2023 BMW 520D F10 chassis with N47 engine. This car has a DPF warning light coming up on dashboard, so I’ll use Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Pro2 to reset it. Generally, I don’t recommend doing it without actually replacing or cleaning the DPF.



Service >> Power Train >> Digital Diesel Electronics >> Diesel particulate filter >> Replacement, particulate filter >> Diesel particulate filter: register replacement



Please adjust the statuses below on the vehicle:

* Turn terminal 15 on(ignition).

Once all statuses have been established on the vehicle, please press Continue.


Replacement of the diesel particulate filter has been reset.

Ending service function.


So this is using Autel MK908 Pro II to reset BMW DPF filter successfully.



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