Autel MK808Z vs. MK808Z-BT vs. MK808Z-TS, Which to Buy?

Autel has revamped and launched the new line of 808Z series tool, which feature improved hardware and software over the regular 808 series(Learn differences). Today we’ve brought the new version Autel MK808S(MK808Z), MK808BT PRO(MK808Z-BT) & MK808S-TS(MK808Z-TS) for a quick comparison.


Comparison Table

Item Autel MaxiCOM MK808S/ MK808Z Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO/ Autel MK808Z-BT Autel MaxiCOM MK808S-TS/ MK808Z-TS
Price €351 €447 €570
Read codes
Erase codes
Live data
ECU information
Active test
Service functions
Complete OBD diagnostics
Oil service reset
Parking brake pad relearn after replacement
Steering angle sensor relearn
Battery registration and reset
Diesel particulate filter regeneration
Tire pressure monitoring system Basic Basic Complete
Immobilizer function Basic Basic Basic
Advanced TPMS diagnostics for complete TPMS health check × ×
Activate 98% of all known TPMS sensors × ×
Program Autel MX-Sensors × ×
Comprehensive OBD relearn coverage × ×
On-screen relearn procedure × ×
Battery analysis(Autel BT506) ×
Videoscope(Autel MV108/ MV105)
Processor Quad-core 1.8GHz Quad-core 1.8GHz Quad-core 1.8GHz
Operating system Android 11 Android 11 Android 11
Memory 4G+64G 4G+64G 4G+64G
Display 7″LCD 7″LCD 7″LCD
Battery 5000mAh 5000mAh 5000mAh
Internet updatable WiFi WiFi WiFi
Multilingual support
Historical test records
Save and playback data
Print data via Windows PC
Vehicle communication method Wired Wired(Bluetooth) Wired(Bluetooth)



  1. Price

Autel MK808Z < MK808Z-BT < MK808Z-TS

MK808Z is the cheapest, MK808Z-BT comes second, MK808Z-TS is more expensive.


  1. Software

Autel MK808Z < MK808Z-BT < MK808Z-TS

MK808Z-TS supports the most completed features than the other other two, especially including TPMS service to allow TPMS diagnosis, activate/program sensors, OBD relearn, etc.


  1. Hardware

Autel MK808Z < MK808Z-BT = MK808Z-TS

– Both MK808Z-BT & MK808Z-TS are compatible for battery analysis while MK808Z cannot.

– Both MK808Z-BT & MK808Z-TS have wired and Bluetooth vehicle communication methods while MK808Z supports only wired method.



Apart from battery analysis and Bluetooth connection, they are almost the same between Autel MK808Z & MK808Z-BT. Regardless of which chosen, either scan tool can meet basic car diagnostic needs. Price difference is less than 100 euros.


For another, Autel MK808Z-TS has more completed diagnostic functions, in particular with TPMS service than others. If you have the budget, consider it.


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