Autel MK808Z MK808S Manual: Register, Upgrade & Diagnosis

This is an Autel MaxiCOM MK808Z MK808S User Manual on registration, upgrade & diagnosis for beginners. Reading this article will guide you start step by step.


How to register & update Autel MK808Z?

Check video to learn:


  1. Connect to WiFi

Settings >> System settings >> Network & internet >> Wi-Fi

  1. Update now >> Install now >> Install >> Open
  2. Register >> Fill in info(name, country, email, tel, password) >> Accept terms, click “Register”

Registered successfully.


  1. Update >> Link >> Download button

Now you can start to update software as required.

* Please ensure a good Internet connection.


How to diagnose with Autel MK808Z?

Check video to learn:



Connect Autel MK808Z to OBD via cable,

Diagnostics >> EOBD >> Accept >> Autoscan >> OK

Enter into the function menu, here we can perform:

DTC&FFD, I/M readiness, live data, on-board monitor, component test, vehicle information & vehicle status.


– DTC&FFD: to check all fault codes on the vehicle.

– Erase Codes: to clear DTCs.

(* DTCs will only be cleared when car problem was fixed.)

– Live Data: to view real-time data of the vehicle.

– Vehicle Information: to check vehicle generation information, vehicle enhance information or on-board fuel consumption monitoring(OBFCM)


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