Autel MK808Z-BT + GT100 Diagnose Audi Simos 6.3 ECU Review

This is a test review on how to diagnose Audi Simos 6.3 ECU with Autel MaxiCOM MK808Z-BT + GODIAG GT100 by bench. With GT100, it can help to connect the ECU module separately for diagnosis, programming and coding.



  1. Connect GODIAG GT100 & Autel MK808Z-BT VCI;
  2. Connect Simos 6.3 ECU according to the wiring diagram, including PIN1: GND, Pin68: CAN-H, Pin 67: CAN-L, Pin 87, 92: +12V;
  3. Power on GT100 & MK808Z-BT.


Diagnostic Test

Diagnostics >> Accept >> Audi >> Control units >> Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Engine control module 1 >> ECU information


Here we can check ECU info like VAG number, system designation, software coding, software version, WSC, IMP, Device, Hardware part number, Hardware version, ECU protocol.


Enter into “Trouble codes”.

Autel MK808BT Pro can read out all DTCs from the ECU.


Live data >> Input channel number, OK

Here we can view all the data stream.


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