Autel MK808S + MV108 Unboxing & Functions Review

Just got the parcel from this week, today I’m gonna make an unboxing review on it. The parcel came with a Autel MaxiCOM MK808S & MV108 inspection camera together.


The MV108 digital inspection camera is used for somewhere is hard to reach on car like you can’t see certain areas under the hood. You can use MV108 that has a light on the end of it. Or basically you’ve used it for home plumbing, just plugs it into the USB on tablet. I’ll show you guys in a second.


Autel MK808S Unboxing

This is how it comes: it has the OBD wire, a power charger, 1 year warranty, a cloth to clean the front screen. This is the MK808S tablet guys. On its top, there’s the USB port, SD card slot, charger slot. It does have a stand in the back, so just prop this up. Now I’m gonna show how it works.


Autel MK808S Functions Overview

It’s said the Autel MK808S has Android 11 system, so the software is going to look different. It’s now bi-directional as well. This is what the screen looks like:


We have Diagnostics, Service, Data Manager, Settings, Update, Maxiviewer, Support, OEM Authorization, Remote Desktop, MaxiVideo, Quick Link, Maxitools & Autel User Center on main screen.


We can just search the tablet for whatever we need. Then we can tap the Home button, Here we go to the latest Android 11 screen. Tap the below 4th button, we can close out pages. The 5th button is Chrome browser, which is faster and quicker. The 6th button is screenshot. The 7th button allows us to contrast the brightness for tablet. The 8th button is a quick button to access Diagnostics menu. The last one is a quick button to access Service menu.


The MK808S is definitely a lot faster than the regular MK808 that’s been around for a lot of years. It has a faster processor, loading up is real quick.


Let’s go into Diagnostics, as you can see, the screen is sharper and the picture is a lot better. The icons look nicer.


In the Service, there are oil reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, brake bleed, aftertreatment, immo kyes, injector, SAS, suspension, throttle, WIN DR Roof, seats, odometer, language change, headlamp, CHG tire size, TEC learn, ABS/SRS, cylinder, VGT learn, speed & PTO, clutch, trans adaptation, airbag reset, A/F setting, automatic start/stop, electronic water pump start, EGR, VIN, FRM reset, transport mode, HV battery, ACC, A/C, rain/light sensor, reset control unit, CCS/ACC.


In the Data Manager, we can check or modify vehicle history, workshop information, customer, image, report, PDF, review data, data logging, uninstall apps. We can enter our business info & email people the receipts here.


In the Settings, we can check the unit, language, printing settings, report settings, push notifications, firmware upgrade, auto update, vehicle list, system settings & about.


In the Update, we can download the car software as needed.


The Maxiview is where you actually find out what year and models the car worked for. It tells what functions are supported for specific models.


In the Quick Link, we can automatically go to those links.


Autel MV108 Unboxing & Test

Next, I’m going to show the Maxivideo right now. This is the MV108 Digital Inspection Camera. In the box, it comes with 2 pieces, just plug them into the port and lock. Connect  USB cable into MK808S, the light is on.


Tap “Maxivideo”, it’ll literally show the video what’s on the box. This is what it looks like close up. If you’re going to close to something putting it in the bag, it does show pretty clear. And then you can take a picture and save it. To disconnect it, jus unplug USB cable from the top.


So basically, this is the Autel MK808S. It works really well and quickly. It’s just a huge upgrade from the MK808 the way it was before to now. The screen looks a lot clearer, it’s just all round better. MK808Z has included the newly added function BMW 4.0 software and a better coverage.


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