Autel MK808 vs. MK808Z vs. MK808Z-BT Comparison Review

Autel has revamped and launched the new line of MaxiCOM 808Z tools, which of feature improved hardware and software over the regular 808 series. Today I have bought the Autel MK808Z, as well as the MK808Z-BT, which I’ll do a quick comparison on. I’ll also share the differences in terms of the upgrades over the regular Autel MK808.


Autel MK808Z & MK808Z Unboxing

Here what comes out of the box for the tools. The MK808Z is on the left while the MK808Z-BT is on the right. From the looks, they are pretty identical except for the MK808Z-BT is a wireless version. So it includes a Bluetooth vehicle connector interface, as well as a different kind of wire if you want to establish a wired connection with the VCI. So as to eliminate any potential latency from a Bluetooth connection.


Compared to the regular MK808 line, no difference really in terms of what comes out of the box. External build is still the same. On the top of MK808Z-BT, you have the HDMI port for connecting to external displays. On the rear of both devices, you have the regular kickstand for propping up the tool in case you need that.


It’s only really in terms of specs under the hood, that the upgrades become apparent. At this point, these updates apply to the whole 808Z series. So there’s also a new MP808Z-TS, which there’s also the MaxiPRO Z line of tools.


Compare MK808 & MK808Z & MK808Z-BT

  1. Specifications

The OS has been upgraded from Android4.4.4 to Android 11, 1GB to 4GB RAM. You now also have dual frequency Wi-Fi, meaning that you’ve able to connect to the 5GHz frequency Wi-Fi network. Processor speed has been bumped up to 1.8GHz. Battery capacity and storage stay the same at 5000mAh and 64GB respectively if you have the 2nd generation of MK808 devices. The first generation of MK808 had 3200mAh battery as well as 32GB storage.


It’s left to be seen if the improved hardware especially the RAM and processor are able to run Android 11 efficiently through the diagnostic processes. And whether these can translate to performance gains on the new devices. That said, I did a boot up speed test between the MK808Z-BT and my MP808TS. This MK808Z-BT was faster by 5s.


  1. Software

Moving into the car and powering up, you begin to appreciate the new feel that Android 11 brings to these tools. The main screens are identical except for the VCI manager. Swiping over to the left, you can find they both come with the MaxiVideo app. On the regular MK808, you need to download the massive update that Autel did on these tools to get this app. This means that you can now connect Autel MV108S borescope camera to any of these devices.


The other difference between MK808Z & MK808Z-BT is that on MK808Z-BT, you can use Autel BT506 battery service tool, which can test the battery, starter and alternator. And this is because of BT506 is a Bluetooth device and only connects to the scanner via Bluetooth.


These 3 apps are also available on the regular 808 series, and they are not exclusive to the 808Z series. Service function are the same for both device, and in total you have 37 service functions. Of course, access is dependent on the car you’re in. The rest of the apps are the same.


I’ll just continue on the MK808Z to diagnostics for some tests on this 2017 Honda Accord. Both of the tools including regular MK808 series, now have access to active tests. And for this car, I’m getting exactly the same number of active tests that I get on my older MP808TS.


  1. Cost

As to subscription costs, the fees are the same for the regular as well as this new tool. The actual cost of device are both €351, no matter it’s the regular MK808 or the MK808Z.


In summary, functionality is the same across the 2 series. The difference just lies in the bump in specs that the MK808 Z series has received.


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