Autel MK808 Reset VW Golf MK7 Check Engine Light & Airbag Light

Hi guys, it’s been a while since we’ve done a test on the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Scanner. So we’re in a 2018 VW Golf here to have a good opportunity to do another test with the tool. This vehicle has got a check engine light & airbag light on dashboard. So following I’m gonna show how to turn off them.


VW Check Engine Light Reset

Connect Autel MK808 with the vehicle,

Diagnostics >> Volkswagen >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> 5G/BA/BC/BE/BQ/BV/BX – Golf 2013 >> Sedan >> Yes


Control unit >> Engine control module >> Trouble codes

Because we have got a check engine light and it should give us a unique fault code to explain the reason.


P023800: Passive/Sporadic, Turbocharger Boost Sensor(A) Circ High Input

P011300: Passive/Sporadic, Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Bank 1 Circuit High


So there we go, it’s given us 2 fault codes and separate descriptions. Because each fault code has its own unique description, that’s the reason. We’ve changed the mass air flow sensor in the vehicle. There was a fault with the mass airflow sensor which is why we got these codes.


So what you can do is go to “Clear DTC”.

Ignition on and engine off? Yes

DTCs and freeze data will be deleted. Press “Yes” to continue.

No fault codes detected.

Check engine light has gone.


It’s as easy as that to be honest with you.


VW Airbag Light Reset

Go back to press “Airbag”.

Airbag system should be exactly the same. We did find a loose connection underneath the driver’s seat. Press “Trouble codes”.

B100B1B: Passive/Sporadic, Driver thorax airbag igniter resistance too high.


That’s typical of a loose connection or connection which has been unplugged.

Again just “Clear DTC”.

We put a popped it back in.

Ignition on and engine off? Yes

DTCs and freeze data will be deleted. Press “Yes” to continue.

No fault codes detected.

Airbag light has gone!


Autel MK808 Review

All right, so in a nutshell diagnosing and resetting a fault code is basic function of Autel MK808. And it’ll do all of the systems within the vehicle. It’s a 2018 VW Golf that we’re in right now. But no matter what vehicle you’re in, you’ll get a huge list of systems that you can diagnose & reset the warning lights.


If you go into service, and there are what’s known as special functions or service. It’ll allow you to do things that generally only the garage would let. You can do all they would do like reset brake, bleeding, new battery registration, dpf regeneration, injector coding, steering angle sensors, suspension calibration, seat matching, throttle calibration, headlamp changing and matching, etc.


Autel MK808 is just an entry-level tool in Autel Automotive Diagnostic System tablets, to learn more, please visit