Autel MK808 MX808 Series Active Test & Special Function FAQs

New function “Active test” and “Special function” have been added on Autel MK808 and MX808 series tablets. Users can obtain new software package by tapping “Update” icon on tablets. More details please see below:


Updated Info:

Autel MK808 MP808 MX808 Series New Features Upgrade[2022.6.1]


Q1: What is the new function?

Active test function & Special function are highlighted in red in below picture.


Q2: What model and version can support?

Please see below table for model that will be added new function and relevant version


New Function Model System Version Estimated Released Date
Active test, special function MX808, MX808TS, MK808, MK808BT, MK808TS, TS608, IM508 V2.62 and above 1st, Jun. 2022


Q3: How to get the new function?

Tap Update icon to update the device’s system version to V2.62 or above one and download all available vehicle software.

Note: If there is not enough storage for downloading update, users can insert a micro SD card to the device.


Q4: What is Active Test function & Special Function?

Active Test function is used for outputting signal to vehicle control unit using the device to control actuator for test, so that it can test whether the actuator works normally, such as Fuel Pumps test, EGR test, etc.


Special Function generally refers to the initial adaptation, self-learning or some auto detection function with many procedures that the vehicle is performed after maintenance or reset is done or some related component in electronic control system is replaced, such as Crankshaft Position Sensor Learn.


Q5: How to perform Active test Function?

  1. Read vehicle by auto detect, manual input or manual selection;
  2. Select Auto scan or Control Unit —– (Powertrain/Body/Chassis) —- relevant module — Active test;
  3. Take steps by following the on-screen instructions.


Q6: How to perform Special Function?

  1. Read vehicle by Auto detect or manual input or manual selection;
  2. Select Auto scan or Control Unit —– (Powertrain/Body/Chassis) —- (relevant module) — Special function;
  3. Take steps by following the on-screen instructions.


Q7: What vehicle can support Active test & Special Function?

All vehicle brands that the device can support.


Q8: Which area of device will be added the new function?

Device that is purchased from all area except China Mainland.