Autel MaxiIM IM608 FAQs: IP Limted/Annual Subscription

This article answers 4 frequently asked questions and answers on Autel im608 / IM508 key programmer.

  1. Does Autel IM608 still have IP BLOCK?
  2. Autel im608 = Autel im508 + xp400 + G-BOX2?
  3. Buy Autel IM608 / IM508 in China or from the local supplier?
  4. Autel IM608 / IM508 annual subscription

In details…

  1. Does Autel IM608 still have IP BLOCK?
    Looking to buy one in Uk and I have seen some Chinese website advertising them as global coverage but the local supplier says that they will be ip blocked.

Answer: it is true that Autel IM608 / IM508 bought in china won’t be IP blocked.

US version: NO IP limited

EU version: No IP limited

AU version: No IP limited

Generally, all version has no IP limited

  1.  Autel im608 = Autel im508+ xp400 + G-BOX2?

***Please read DK Veterans reviews below.

Q: Looking at 508 and 608 buying next week but not sure which one yet


1) No choice there. 608 all the way.

2). 508 with xp400 and G-BOX2 does all the key programming the 608 does

Half the subs and a lot cheaper to buy

3) DK Veteran don’t agree with the above point of view and comment:

not quite true , it has all the current key programming coverage of im608 , but , im508 will not do mqb all keys lost once released on im608 , it also won’t do some Mercedes functions , and its likely some new functions will be limited to 608 as silly not to , im508 is great for now , but i suspect it will be im608 needed going forward or shooting themselves in foot , plus the im608 brings alot of diag to the table if it all works, so the way i understood it was im508 great as for now tool but im608 is the the future tool so sounder investment for me.

3) IM508 can’t do some Benz & Audi function no matter if you have gbox2 and xp400
IM508 doesn’t have as much MCU functionality
IM508 won’t have OE key renewing when it is released
IM508 isn’t part of the SGM authorization being finalized

The J2534 is worth something if you are gong to expand market
IM608 diag software is good and helps when something isn’t working

Price difference from where I bought for the IM508 with XP400 and Gbox2 and key simulator was $750~
Price difference for 1 year update was $50

To check: Autel IM608 / IM508 (IMMO) coverage

  1. Buy Autel IM608 / IM508 in China or from the local supplier?

The pros of buying Autel IM608 / IM508 in China:

It’s cheaper to buy directly in China, and if the local supplier doesn’t exist in your or nearby country.

Data speak louder than words:

IM508 French local seller price is 1600€ . Every car repair store will made 95% of keys by OBD2( or hot dog sellers ! )

IM608 is the master of keys , for 4300€ in France.

Autel IM508 in China will be 1329$

Autel IM508 + xp400 in China will be 1908$
Autel IM608 in China will be 3299$

The pros of buying Autel IM608 / IM508 from the the local supplier:

If such distributor exist in your or nearby country than China, better pay some more money to buy from local distributor. In case something happen with the tool, you always have quick support. Sending tool back to china and back from china takes some time – it takes a time. Locally you can always make a phone call and save the time. Also you should always be free to call in case any programming issue / questions etc.

  1. Autel IM608 / IM508 annual subscription

Autel IM608 annual subscription: 1100usd

Autel IM508 annual subscription: 460usd

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