Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Replace Porsche Cayenne Brake Pads

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 supports EPB function incl. calibration, grinding-in, replace brake pads (operating guide) and check basic setting of parking brake for Porsche 92A- Cayenne 2011-2017. The car must be fitted with the electronic parking brake EPB for this to work. Allows you to open and close the calipers to change the brake pads. It’s very simple and easy to do. Just check the step-by-step as below.

1.Conncet MK808 tablet to the OBD2 port of the vehicle via main cable

2.Select “Service”-> “EPB”-> “Porsche”-> “Manual selection”-> “92A-Cayenne (2011-2017)”-> “Hot functions”-> “Electric Parking Brake”

Wait a moment to establish vehicle communication

It will show the message “Electric parking brake in service mode” on the dashboard

Select “Replace brake pads (operating guide)” to see the corresponding operating guide

Read the messages and click “OK” to continue

You will see the message “The brake pads have popped up, and now you can replace the brake pads. After the completion of the confirmation to continue, the next step will be to check the air gap.”

Then press “OK”

Follow the instructions on the screen and press “Continue” to check the basic setting of parking brake

The message is “Vehicle must stand on a level surface, the parking brake is automatically applied and released. Note: The “check basic settings of parking brake” function enables the current setting status of the parking brake to be determined and the required measures to be displayed.”

Air clearance in tolerance, press “Exit” to continue

Pay attention to the warning “If ceramic brakes (PCCB) are installed, please exit function, the “calibration” function can be run straight away”. Then press “OK’

Observe the following notes:

  1. “Were the rear brake disks or parking brake shoes changed?”

If it hasn’t changed anything, just press “No”

  1. “If no mechanical changes were made but only a control unit was repaired or a control unit reset was performed. It is mandatory that the control unit is informed that the linings have already been grounded.”

Press “Continue”

  1. “Reduced holding force of the parking brake if it was not ground in first. Damage and injury to persons possible. Ensure that the currently installed parking brake pads have already been ground in combined with the installed brake”

Press “Start” and “Continue”

When it appears “The grinding state was correctly adopted in the control unit. The parking brake can now be calibrated”, press “Continue”

It is mandatory that the brake have been ground in already, the vehicle is stationary during the calibration, and the brake linings do not exceed a temperature of 50℃. Press “Continue”

Press “Start” to enter calibration process

Calibration is completed, press “Continue”

It’s all done!