Autel KM100 Unlock Nissan A2C53405173 433MHz Smart Key

Today I’m going to show how to unlock or renew a Nissan smart key with Autel MaxiIM KM100 Immo Key Programmer. This key has been used on another vehicle and locked. By unlocking the key can make it be reprogrammed to a new car.


Let’s read the key info first.

As we can see, the key status is locked now.


Special function >> Key unlocking >> NISSAN >> A2C53405173 433MHz

Operating instructions:

  1. Remove the battery before performing unlocking.
  2. Connect according to the connection diagram.
  3. Press Unlock for automatic execution of key unlocking.


Follow the connection diagram to solder wires on circuit board.

Press “Unlock” after connecting successfully.

Unlocking completed.


Go back to read the key again.

The key status has been changed to “Not locked”.


This is using Autel KM100 to renew Nissan smart successfully.



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