Autel KM100 Program Hyundai Azera 2017 All Keys Lost

The Hyundai Azera 2017 is locked with all keys lost. So I’ll use the new equipment Autel MaxiIM KM100 Key Fob Programmer to generate a key for this car. After successfully reading its pincode, we can continue to add more keys.


  1. Generate Key

Put Autel Universal Key into KM100 key slot,

Hyundai AZERA(HG)2014-2017 >> Generate Universal Key

Generate key success.


  1. Read Pincode

Plug VCI into OBD, and connect it to KM100.

IMMO >> America >> 2012-2017 >> Start >> Hot function >> OK >> Read immobilizer password >> Read pin code(46 smart card) >> Read pin code by OBD >> OK

Turn on the Hazard light.

Read pin code success.


  1. Program Key

Smart key programming >> Start >> Yes

Turn ignition off.

Enter the 6-digit security: 720152

Press “OK”, use the smart key to hold down the START button for 5s until the anti-theft lamps flash.

(If the operation failed, remove the key case and re-execute the above steps.)

1 key was programmed.


Exit system to test the key.

Car can start perfectly. And remote all work.


This is how to use Autel KM100 to program 2017 Hyundai Azera all keys lost by OBD.


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