Autel KM100 Program 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 4500 All Keys Lost

Today I’m working on a 2020 Dodge Ram 4500 with all keys lost. It’s push to start and need to bypass secure gateway with a 12+8 cable for key programming. Next I’m going to program an universal key with Autel KM100 for this car.


Step1. Generate Remote

Put Autel IKEY Remote into KM100 key slot.

Universal key >> North America >> Dodge >> RAM >> Dodge RAM 2018-2022 >> Generate universal key

Universal key generation is completed.


Step2. Learn a New Key

Plug 12+8 cable into start connector, connect the other end with MaxiVCI 200 to OBD interface.

IMMO >> DODGE >> Manual selection >> North America >> RAM(4500/5500) >> 2019-2022 >> Smart key >> Yes

If you have a learned key, turn on the ignition. Press “OK”.


Important note:

  1. For this model, please use Chrysler(12+8) dedicated diagnostic connector, otherwise you will not be able to perform immo functions.
  2. Please refer to the picture and video help for the connection of dedicated diagnostic connector.

Press “OK”.


Control unit >> Read immobilizer password(CAN)

Turn the ignition off, and turn the hazard on.

The read password is: 14223


Keyless system(CAN) >> Key learning >> Key learning


Please make sure the ignition is OFF, and all wireless devices(laptops, cellphones, other proximity keys) are not close to the proximity key being programmed.


To learn programmed keys, you have to finish “Erase key” first.

Current number of keys is: 4

Do you want to continue to learn the key? Yes

Please enter a 5-digit password: 14223

Press “OK”.


Hold the proximity key near the center console and complete the procedure within 60s:

Press and release the UNLOCK button twice on the proximity key within 60s


Current number of keys is: 5

Learning successful.


Test the new key, lock and unlock can work, it can normally start car.

Perfect done.


This is using Autel KM100E to program 2019-2022 Dodge Ram 4500 all keys lost successfully.

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