Autel KM100 ID46 Password Calculation & Simulation Guide

This is a guide on how to do ID46 password calculation & simulation with Autel MaxiIM KM100 IMMO Key Programmer. Read carefully to learn how easy it can do.


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How to calculate ID46 password on Autel KM100?

Path: Reading/cloning >> Clone >> 46 password calculation

Put an original key into MaxiIM KM100 key slot.

Click “Start”.

Note: If it’s a smart key, take apart it so that the battery won’t interfere with the calculation process.


Put the key component and transponder head close to START button.

Turn on ignition switch.

Click “Next step”.

It’ll take about 3 minutes for password calculation…


Record the password, as it can be used for simulation.


How to do simulation with Autel KM100?

Now let’s use the password in previous step to simulate a working key.

Put the working key into KM100 key slot.


Step1. Input Password

Reading/cloning >> Edit >> Select “HITAG2(ID46)” IMMO type >> Select “CRYPTO” >> Input password


Password begins with the 5th character and places the first 4 numbers at the end.

For example,

Password: 1999C48E7AA1

Input: C48E7AA11999


Click “Read All”.


Record the info as you’ll need it in next step.


Step2. Transponder Simulation

Transponder function >> transponder simulation >> ID46


P0: input the original key’s ID labeled “IDE” on the last info.

P1: input the original key’s password, minus first 4 numbers.

P2: keep the first 4 numbers already in P2, input first 4 numbers from the original password after.

P3: input “TMCF” info.

Click “Simulate” once completed.


Now you can enter the vehicle with KM100 key tool and turn the engine on.