Autel KM100 Adds 2021 Ford Mustang Smart Key by OBD

Today I’m going to show how to program a smart key for 2021 Ford Mustang using with Autel MaxiIM KM100 Key Fob Programmer. The process will be the same for all Mustang 2015 or above that have a smart key. This is a push-to-start ignition, and its learning slot is in the cup holder.



Since I already have a working key, and it’s got the remote start. So that I can skip a step there. Let’s get start.

IMMO >> Ford >> Manual selection >> Ford >> USA >> Mustang >> 2020- >> Smart key >> Yes >> Immo status scan >> Add key >> Start




  1. This function requires network connected, please make sure the Autel KM100E has connected WiFi successfully.
  2. It is normal that the instrument panel turns black when performing this function.

Press “Yes”.


Note: this function will not erase existing keys.

Press “Yes”.



You must connect VCI and diagnostic tool using USB. Otherwise, the function may fail.


Please confirm is the alarm active? No


Configuring the system, please wait about 10 minutes…

Learned keys: 2

Place the smart key to be learned into the slot.

Learning key, please wait…

Current number of keys is: 3

Learning successful.


Test the new key, lock and unlock can work, it can also start the car.




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