Autel Key Programmer Program 2016 Toyota Camry AKL Without Disassembling

This post will share how to program 2016 Toyota Camry All Keys Lost using Autel Key Programmer (Autel IM508/IM608/ MaxiSys IM) with Autel TOYOTA 8A Non- smart key All Keys Lost Adapter.


What can Autel TOYOTA 8A Non-> > smart key All Keys Lost Adapter do?

Autel TOYOTA 8A Blade Key All Keys Lost Adapter is compatible with all the Autel MaxiIM series key programmers, it can program new key to Toyota Camry, RAV4, Prius, Highlander, Tacoma, Sienna and Levin no need to disassemble or replace immobilizer in all keys lost situation.

Autel Key Programmer

Guide & Tips to program 2016 Toyota Camry AKL:

1.Something important to know!!!

1.Please ensure that the Autel IMMO tablet is connected to the Internet when using the All Keys Lost function.

2.After the function is completed, please restore the original vehicle circuit to avoid vehicle fault.

3.For other models, please check and follow the operation guides and wiring diagrams in their respective menus.


2.Tools need:

Autel MaxiIM IMMO Tablet (IM508/IM608/MaxiSys IM)


APB112 Smart Key Emulator

Toyota 8A Blade AKL Kit

Autel Key Programmer

Toyota 8A Blade AKL Kit

Autel Key Programmer

3.Step-> > by-> > step guide:

Step 1: Power on the MaxiIM tablet

Tap [IMMO] on the tablet

Select [Toyota] –> [Manual Selection] –> [Camry] – [2015- ] –> [Blade Key] –> [Control Unit] –> [Immobilizer (H 8A/8E)] –> [All Keys Lost]

Step 2: Find the fuse box near the vehicle’s DLC, remove the IGN_NO.1 fuse from the designated fuse slot (see the picture below) on the fuse box, and connect the IGN FUSE to this fuse slot.

Autel Key Programmer

Step 3: Open the hood, find the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Remove the BAT_NO.1 fuse from the designated fuse slot on the fuse box, and connect the B+ FUSE to this slot

Autel Key Programmer

Step 4: Remove the steering wheel cover

Pull out the KSW_NO.1 ignition switch wire harness as shown below

Connect the KSW wire harness to the ignition coil

Autel Key Programmer

Step 5: Connect the G-BOX to the 8A AKL cable and then to the vehicle’s DLC

Tap [OK] on the tablet to continue

Autel Key Programmer

Step 6: G-BOX will be automatically updated when connected to the tablet for the first time.

The status indicator of G- BOX will flash red during updating process, and light green after update succeeds.

Autel Key Programmer

Step 7: Insert a blade key (without chip) and turn ON the ignition

Step 8: Tap [OK] on the tablet to read the critical data.

Data reading time varies from several seconds to several minutes. It depends on the specific vehicles.

Step 9: Tap [OK] to confirm the key type (SLK6) displayed on the screen

Autel Key Programmer

Step 10: Connect APB112 to the IMMO tablet using the USB cable

Once connected, the status indicator will light steady blue, indicating it is working properly.

Tap [OK] to obtain key information

Autel Key Programmer

Step 11: APB112 will be automatically updated when doing 8A Key All Keys Lost for the first time.

Step 12: Generate simulator key successfully

Autel Key Programmer

Step 13: Turn OFF the ignition, pull out the key blade, pull out the B+ Fuse, IGN Fuse and KSW and restore the vehicle circuit.

Note: if the vehicle is not restored to it is initial state, the APB112 simulator key can’t be used to emergency start the vehicle.

Step 14: Ensure the IMMO tablet is connected to the vehicle’s DLC.

Put APB112 close to the ignition coil, insert the blade key (without chip) and turn ON the ignition.

Step 15: Tap [OK] to establish vehicle communication

Turn OFF the ignition, remove APB112 and pull out the key blade

Step 16: Insert a key (with chip) and ensure the ignition is OFF

Step 17: Wait for 5 to 180 seconds. The key learning is completed when the immobilizer warning light is off.

Step 18: Use the new key to start the engine, to check if the new key functions.



Autel Toyota 8A Non-Smart Key All Keys Lost Adapter:

Autel MaxiIM IM508 Key Programming Tool Plus XP400 Key and Chip Programmer Plus G Box2 (UK Ship No Tax):

Autel MaxiIM IM608 + G Box2 + APB112 Smart Key Simulator + Toyota 8A All Key Lost Adapter:


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