Autel IM608 Pro II Manual: Register, Upgrade, Key Generation

This is an Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II User Manual on registration, upgrade and key generation for the first time. Reading this article carefully will guide you how to do.


How to register & update Autel IM608 II?

Check video to learn:


  • Registration
  1. Connect to WiFi: Settings >> System Settings >> Network & Internet >> Wi-Fi
  2. IM608S II will auto ask for version update: Update Now >> Install >> Open >> Register
  3. Fill with info for registration: name, address, email, phone number, password, etc.
  4. Selected agreement & privacy policy, press “Register”.

Registered successfully.


  • Upgrade

Press “Update” button on Homepage.


This product has not been linked. Please tap on the Link button or visit for linking..

Press twice “Link”.


Now you’re allowed to start updating OS system and other car software. Just make sure your Network connection is good.


How to generate universal key with Autel IM608 II?

Check video to learn:


Here’s generating an Universal Key for 2010-2017 LandRover Sport as demo.


Connect XP400Pro & IM608S II.

Universal key >> Accept >> Universal key generation >> Europe >> LandRover >> Type by model >> Discovery4 >> 2016 >> LandRover Range Rover Sport 2010-2017


Put the IKEY remote into XP400 Pro key slot.

Press “Generate universal key”.


IM608S II tablet will start generating key… wait until 100%.

Universal key generation success.

Press “Complete” to finish.


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