Autel IM608 Pro II Common FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and answers of IM608 series, helping troubleshoot in case you met same problem. Apply to Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II, IM608 Pro and IM608 key programmer.


Q:Can IM608 Pro II Program ECU Online for Mercedes & BMW?

A: Yes. It can support as IM608 Pro.

BMW: adds programming and coding functions for IMMO related system: DME, JBE, FRM, CAS, KOMBI, EGS, GWS, ZGW, ELV and FZD.

Mercedes-Benz: adds coding SCN for IMMO related system: DAS, ECU, TCU, ISM and ESL.


Q: What’s the New IM608 II JVCI+ Different from JVCI?

A: The new Autel IM608 II JVCI+ supports CAN protocol read & write without password. And it added built-in DoIP & CAN FD protocol without converter.


Q: IM608 II Renew 2013 Benz S Class ECU Login System Error?

I’m trying to versionize an ECU of a 2013 Mercedes S Class. It’s an MED17.7 ECU. When I hook it up to the G-Box3, I get a screen that says:

“The system requires waiting when requesting to login the system.

Waiting in progress…

Please keep the system in a powered state. A waiting time of 30 min is needed at most. If you want to cancel waiting, please press Cancel.”

I had it there for several hours, but it does not log in.


A: This is because Autel servers are receiving a significant demand of users who are trying to do the same procedure. What Autel did was they implemented some sort of Q system for that particular function.

You can continue to wait until the calculation is completed or cancel the operation. Just come and do it again at a different time when there’s not a lot of users on the system.


Q: Can IM608 II Program 2007 VW GTI AKL?

I’m out on an all keys lost situation with a 2007 VW GTI. It fails to read immo data via OBD. I just need it to walk me through the cluster all keys lost after thinkering in my device for 30 minutes.


A: It may because the car model is not covered for Autel IM608 II.

To confirm this, you may try “Manual Selection” on IM608 tablet or refer to vehicle coverage on:


Indeed, IM608 only goes to GTI 2012. If we select different area of GTI 2004-2009, it still didn’t give the all keys lost function.


Q: VW Menu Prompt “48 or 46 Key” when Programming AKL?

The Volkswagen group uses 2 types of transponder chips: 48 chip & 46 chip. The 48 chip is typically used in the newer model VW while the 46 chip is using the older ones.


Q: IM608 Login Connection Issues with 2014 Chevy Silverado?

I just tried to diagnose my Chevrolet Silverado, the IM608 went to a screen with an update version 2.2.50. It wouldn’t let me update it, the screen wants some username and password. The IM608 will not allow me to connect to any vehicle. It also has several updates that I need to install. Please help.


A: When clicking “Update now”, you gonna see an install blocked: “For security, your tablet is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”

All you need to do is to enable it:

Settings >> Security >> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources >> OK


Just go ahead to give permission to be installed on the Autel, then you can successfully upgrade and login.


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Q: IM608 II Program Ford Explorer 2014 Remote Not Working?

I have one working key and want to add 2 additional keys. I was able to register the key but the remotes are not working. Because there’s something I did wrong.


A: This is because the original working key that came with the vehicle remote also wasn’t working. So if the original key remotes are not working, this tells that you have an underlying condition. The first thins should do is to scan for codes:

  1. Check for codes
  2. Check the (RFA) module
  3. Check the BCM


After clearing the codes, then continue to do key programming.


Q: Can I install a Used BCM on 2013 VW Passat with IM608 II?

Autel IM608 Pro II supports encoding through the basic settings. However, it’s not equipped with handling online matching or calibration at this time. You can install a used BCM on this vehicle, but may work with other diagnostic software.


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