Autel IM608 II Repair 2011 BMW 325 E90 E91 XEQ384 FRM

Here I have a 2011 BMW 325 with problem in FRM footwell module. I’ll show you guys how to fix it up by using the Autel MaxiIM IM608 II Scanner. It’s very simple procedure, actually you just need to know a little soldering skills.


Problem: The problem with this vehicle is after the replacement of alternator, all the windows, blinkers and headlights everything stopped working on the car. This usually happens that there’s a power surge or some type of problem with the FRM footwell module. Once the power is disconnected or connected in certain way, it just has a factory defect that it loses the programming data or the programming file just gets corrupted.



Programmer >> Accept >> Chip(EEPROM, MCU, ECU) >> Chip read & write >> Body repair >> BMW >> FRM>E90/E91(BASIS)>LED>XEQ384>3M25J


Operation guide:

  1. Performing this function will automatically partition the chip and overwrite the original data for recovery.
  2. If a configuration mismatch occurs after the module is installed back to the vehicle, perform coding with Autel tools or other special equipment.


Press “Schematic diagram” to get connection diagram for soldering. Just use the APA 109 cable to connect Autel IM608 Pro2, XP400Pro & FRM module.


After successful connection, press “Start”.

Save the FLASH file.


File saved successfully. Press “OK”.

Recovering chip data…Do not disconnect the USB cable, please wait…

Verifying chip data…

Recovery successful.


Put the FRM module back on the car, let’s check it out.

Now all windows can work normally, the headlights has came back and starts working.

Problem was solved.


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