Autel IM608 II Program 2015 Jaguar XF All Keys Lost Success

This is 2015 Jaguar XF with all smart keys lost. We’re going to program a new key with Autel IM608 II for this car.



IMMO >> Accept >> Europe >> Jaguar >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Yes >> Immo status scan


Press the Start/Stop button.


Immobilizer Matching >> Keyless System(CAN) – Type 1 >> All Smart Keys Lost >> OK

Number of learned keys: 2

Press OK.

Do you want to learn a new smart key? Yes

Place the smart key to be learned on your hand.



Within 5s, press the Unlock button on the smart key to be learned for 1s. If the vehicle does not respond, press it a few more times.


To add more keys, just repeat the same operation.


Now test the new key.

It can turn on the ignition and unlock the door without problems.


This is using Autel IM608 Pro2 to program 2015 Jaguar XF AKL successfully.



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