Autel IM608 II/ IM508S Program Mitsubishi Outlander Sport AKL

I’m working on a 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport with all keys are lost. Next I’m gonna use Autel IM608 II to program a new key for this car. You can follow the same steps If having a Autel IM508S at hand.


Turn ignition on.

IMMO >> Accept >> AutoScan >> OK >> Yes >> Blade key >> Control unit >> Immobilizer(CAN) >> Remote control learning >> All keys lost




This function will clear all learned keys and then relearn.

Press OK to continue.

Please enter a 4-digit password: 8A62

Security code is typically: 004F, 8A62, 8A42, 8A12, 8A32

(If password is not correct, please try in turn)


Learning succeeded.

Press No to complete.

Leaning is completed.


Turn ignition off then on again.

The new key can start the car.


This is how to program 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander all keys lost with Autel IM608 Pro2.