Autel IM608 II + G-BOX3 Read 2013 BMW 528 N20 DME ISN

Today we’re going to show how to read 2013 BMW 528 N20 DME ISN with Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro 2 + G-BOX3. Here is the engine bay, remove the BMW cover to locate its DME. Unplug 3 ports on DME, then wire this up to G-BOX3 according to diagram.



IMMO >> Accept >> BMW >> System selection >> Engine >> Direct >> Quick entrance

Click “Help” to check Bosch order number & ECU model, which are shown on the DME label.


Enter the DME info >> Bench >> TC1797 MEVD17.2.4

Here’s the wiring diagram for Autel G-BOX3.

As we’ve been ready for the connection, let’s continue.

OK >> Read ISN


During execution of the function, pay attention to the following:

  1. The process requires a network connection. Ensure that the network connection is OK and maintain the network connection during the process.
  2. Do not disconnect the 12V(3A) power supply and ensure that the working voltage is stable.
  3. Do not disconnect Autel IM608 II device from the main cable.

Press “OK” and wait…


Download file…

Reading data until 100%…

Data reading completed.

Save the data file.


Decoding completed.

DME ISN has been read out successfully.

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