Autel IM608 Golf station 2016 smart key add Error code 1401 Solution

Autel IM608 Feedback: Golf station 2016 smart key, try to add a key and it’s says the function not available, the machine says ” Currently this function is not supported! Error code: 1401″.

Reason and Solution:

MQB is no longer supported by Autel, you may contact dealer and get CS code then use your expert mode to make dealer key.

How to get Cs code from dealer?

Firstly u will need to contact vw dealer give them the Vin and see if they are able to assist you.

Successful Experience for sharing:

  1. As immo 4 I believe, then go to mqb once you have cs data to make dealer key, have to do each step manually.

Credits to @ Jim Andrews

  1. I’m in Texas USA and just did a 2014 Jetta. Have to fill out an online form. Call tech support. You’ll get a cs number and pin.