Autel IM608 BMW Key Programming Review

Here is the collection of Autel IM608 BMW key programming test reports.


BMW Mini Cooper 2001 EWS enable/disable key with working key with IM608


BMW 525i 2007 CAS2 key programming via OBD with IM608


BMW 530i 2007 CAS2 key programming via OBD with IM608


BMW Mini Cooper 2007 CAS3/CAS3+ key programming


BMW 320i 2008 CAS3/CAS3+ key programming by IM608


BMW 120i 2010 CAS3/CAS3+ add key via OBD with IM608


BMW 2014 6 Series CAS4/CAS4+ key programming with IM608


BMW F10 CAS4/CAS4+ key programming with IM608


BMW Cas4/CAS4+ add key via OBD


BMW Cas4/CAS4+ add key on bench 5min


BMW Cas4/CAS4+ add key via OBD with IM608


BMW 528i 2013 F10 CAS4/CAS4+ add key via OBD with IM608


BMW X3 2013 CAS4/CAS4+ 5M48H with IM608 (with jumper wire)


BMW FEM EEPROM read from the IM608 (with APA103 chip reader)


FEM BMW X5 2013 FEM/BDC key programming with IM608


BMW F30 FEM/BDC module key programming with IM608


BMW I8 2016 FEM/BDC all key lost with IM608 (with G-BOX2)


BMW used DME engine replacement and programming ISN with IM608 and VVDI


BMW N20 MEVD17.2.9 DME ISN reading with G-BOX2 & IM608


BMW I Chassis TC1793 MEVD17.2.3 ISN reading with G-BOX2


IM608 BWM FEM/BDC 93C46 EEPROM chip read


BMW series F 2013 FEM key programming with IM608 (Portuguese)


BMW mini Reset Electric Steering Column Lock (ESL) by IM608


BMW used CAS module replacement MSD80 ISN read/write to CAS by IM608


BMW special feature coding with IM608


BMW DDE syncing with IM608


Guide to program BMW keys via OBD with IM608:

Here take BMW 530O 2007 CAS2 as an example

Step 1: Connect IM608 key programmer to the vehicle

Step 2: Select BMW-> Smart Mode-> Key Learning

Autel IM608

Autel IM608

Autel IM608

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen to operate

Autel IM608

Autel IM608

Step 4: After key info has been read, click on “No” to continue or “Yes” to backup key file

Autel IM608

Step 5: Generate new key with MaxiIM IM608

Autel IM608

Step 6: Select Semi-smart key if your vehicle comes with key slot

Otherwise, select Smart key if the car is a push start button

Autel IM608

Step 7: After the new key has been generated, insert the new key into the key slot to see if it works

Autel IM608

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