Autel IM508S Program 2017 Toyota Fortuner All Keys Lost by OBD

Autel MaxiIM IM508S Key Programming Tool is able to program 2017 Toyota Fortuner all keys lost by OBD successfully. Read this post carefully to learn how to do.


  1. Read EEPROM

Plug IM508 diagnostic cable into OBD,

IMMO >> Accept >> Toyota >> System selection >> Keyless system >> Keyless system(CAN) >> Back up IMMO data >> Back up IMMO data(OBD)


This function is used to backup the EEPROM data of the smart box of the vehicle. The data can be used to generate the simulator key for emergency start of the vehicle. Perform the key matching function.

Press “OK”.


Reading immobilizer data… please wait until 100%

Save EEPROM data file.


  1. Generate Simulator Key

Generate analog key >> Load EEPROM file

Key type: SLK5

Connect Autel APB112 Smart Key simulator to Autel IM508 tablet.

The simulator key is generated successfully.

The simulator key can be used to turn the ignition on in case of emergency to learn key.

(note: the simulator key needs to be powered, and it needs to be regenerated and power off)


  1. Add New Key

Add smart key >> Do you want to use the simulator key APB112? Yes

Notice: each step must be completed within the specified time.

The positions for learning include: 5

Please put the analog key close to the START button.

Put a smart key to be learned close to the START button.

Learning succeeded.


  1. Erase Keys

Enter into “Erase smart key”.

Notice: this function clears all smart keys but the selected ones that have been removed.

Learned location include: 3

All smart keys(except the selected smart keys that have already been retained) will be cleared. Press “OK” to continue.

Put a learned smart key close to the START button.

Clearance is completed.


Test the new key, it can start the car and its remote works fine.



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