Autel IM508S Program 2014 Mercedes CLA All Keys Lost

Hello you guys! Today we’re going to program 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA all keys lost with Autel MaxiIM IM508S by OBD. This is a Xhorse key without battery. In this case, we do not need the G-BOX3 but a simulator(APB102 or APB125).


Make sure your device is connected to OBD, Autel IM508S will be able to calculate the password free for all keys lost programming.



IMMO >> Mercedes-Benz >> Smart selection >> All keys lost >> On vehicle >> Yes >> Read EIS data

Put the new key into IR key slot of XP400 Pro programmer.

Is there a key password? No

Press OK to enter password calculation process.

Press “Begin”.

Connect the device, OBD cable and OBD connector on the wiring harness in sequence.

Connect the IR key simulator APB102/APB125 to the programmer.

Insert the IR key simulator(APB102/APB125) into the EIS.

If it is already inserted, remove and insert it again.



Getting password is in process, please wait…

The whole process take about 10-30 min.

Succeed in computing password. Just record it.

Password calculation completed!

Press OK to return to the All Key Lost Data Collection process and go to the next step.

Generating key file, please wait…

Insert the blank key into the IR keyhole of XP400Pro programmer, press OK.

Writing key file…

All keys lost completed. After pressing OK, check if the new key can be used normally according to instructions.


Put a battery into the key to have a check.

It can normally work and start the car.




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