Autel IM508S/IM608 Pro2 Read BMW Mini M35080 Mileage

Autel IM508S/ IM608 Pro2 + IMKPA Expanded Kit are able to read BMW Mini M35080 mileage. Need to work with APB126 M35080/D80 adaptor board. Following I’m gonna make a quick demo.



Connect Autel IM508S & XP400 Pro + APB126 adapter.

Programmer >> Accept >> Chip(EEPROM/MCU/ECU) >> Chip Reading/Writing >> EEPROM >> ST >> M35XXX >> M35080 >> EEPROM >> Connection diagram

Follow the steps below:

Step1. Prepare an APB126 adapter.

Step2. Please pay attention to the position of the chip 1 pin, and don’t place it wrongly.

Step3. Put the chip into the chip holder or solder it on the PCB.



After successful connection, click “Read”.

Chip reading is in progress. Do not disconnect the USB cable.

Please wait…

Now the EEPROM chip data has been read out.


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