Autel IM508S/ IM608 II Renew BMW CAS2 2K79X Guide

This is a tutorial on how to renew a second-hand BMW CAS2 with Autel IM508 + XP400Pro Programmer. Easy 4 steps, including read & save EEPROM, renew CAS2 & write EEPROM. The same procedure goes for latest version IM508S, IM608 II as well.


What You Require

IM508/ IM508S/ IM608/ IM608 Pro/ IM608 II

XP400/ XP400Pro

BMW CAS2 Module


*Here we’re going to program an used BMW CAS2 into a vehicle with a malfunctioning CAS2.



Step1. Follow the instruction on Autel IM508 tool to connect CAS2 to the XP400Pro via APA-109 cable.


Step2. Read CAS2 EEPROM & FLASH, then save it to IM508.

IMMO >> BMW >> OK >> System selection >> Immobilizer >> CAS2 immobilizer >> ECU operation

Note: please follow the instructions in the help information for strict operation.


2K79X >> Read EEPROM

Reading EEPROM data… please wait until 100%

Save EEPROM data file.


Step3. Conduct CAS2 renewal on IM508

ECU renew >> Immobilizer control unit >> CAS2 renew >> 2K79X >> Renew >> OK >> Load EEPROM data file >> Enter ISN code & VIN number >> Save

File saved successfully!


Step4. Put the CAS into the vehicle and execute ECU-CAS sync and ELV-CAS sync after flashing the CAS EEPROM.

Please write the newly saved EEROM file back to CAS.

ECU operation >> OK >> Write EEPROM


Writing EEPROM function may cause the loss of ECU data, it is recommended that the original EEPROM and FLASH data of ECU be backed up first.

Press “OK”.


Selected newly EEPROM saved in step3.

Writing EEPROM data… please wait until 100%

Write EEPROM file successfully!


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