Autel IM508S Generate 2017-2020 BMW 8 Series Smart Key

This is a tutorial on how to generate a 2017-2020 BMW 8 series smart key with Autel MaxiIM IM508S Key Programming Tool. The function will require to use an Autel Razor IKEY.


Check video to learn:



Connect XP200 to Autel IM508S tablet via cable.


Universal Key >> Accept >> Universal Key Generation >> Europe >> BMW >> Type by Model >> 8 Series >> 2018 >> BMW 8 Series 2017-2020


Put Autel BMW Remote into XP200 key hole.

Click “Generate Universal Key”.


XP200 indicator light will keep flashing during programming.

Just wait until 100%…

Universal key generation has completed.


Fast and easy in a minute.


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