Autel IM508 + XP400Pro Generate 2014 Nissan Sylphy Key

Just upgrade your Autel immo tablet to latest version, Autel MaxiIM IM508 + XP400 Pro is able to generate 2014 Nissan Sylphy key. The function is same as Autel KM100 Generator. Following let’s find how easy to do.


Full operation video:


Place a Autel IKEY Remote into XP400 Pro key slot.

Programmer >> Accept >> Universal key

This function only supports XP400/XP401/XP400 Pro/XP401 Pro connect them.


Universal key generation >> USA >> Nissan >> SYLPHY >> 2014 >> Nissan SYLPHY 2013-2018 >> Generate universal key

Please wait processing until 100%…


Universal key generation is completed.


We can go back to check key info or frequency.

Key >> Remote detection >> Frequency detection

Detecting frequency…

Place the key into the suitable area and press anyone key button.

It’s 315.00Mhz.


Key generation has successfully done.

Next, we can go on programming keys with Autel IM508 Key Programmer.


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