Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro Generate 2009-2014 BMW 5 Series Key

Just got a new Autel BMW Smart Key, so I’m going to show how to generate BMW key with Autel MaxiIM IM508 + XP400 Pro Programmer. This will work for most 5 series like 2009 and up or 3 series 2013 and up. Other models carry the older key, which will be upgrading.


I have programmed this key to a 2014 BMW 550i and it did work correctly without issues. All buttons are not problems, no need to adjust anything.



  1. Key Generation

Programmer >> Accept >> Universal key

This function only supports XP400/ XP401/ XP400 PRO/ XP401 PRO.

Connect them. Press “OK”.


Universal key generation >> USA >> BMW >> 5 Series >> 2014

BMW 5 Series 2009-2014

315.00 MHz, FSK, ID49

F series,

FCCID: YGOHUF5662, YGOHUF5766, KR55WK49663, KR55WK49863


This is what the remote look like, and the Autel IKEY is what the new one will look like. It’ll work just like the factory one.


Put the key into XP400 Pro key slot,

Press “Generate Universal Key”.

Acquiring universal key information, please wait…


The button type of the universal key is not applicable to the vehicle.

Forced generation may cause abnormal or missing button functions.

Press “Continue Generation” to continue.

XP400 Pro green light is blinking which means it’s making key right now…

Wait until 100%.



  1. Key Detection

Let’s detect key info:

Universal Key Information Detection >> Detect

Here you can check its series number, key ID, BOOT version, IMMO version and so on.


  1. Button Adjustment

Go into “Adjusting button”.

If the buttons wasn’t correctly like lock/unlock, you can adjust it to move it around. So it’ll work correctly. If you change the numbers, it’ll change the buttons. When you change the buttons to whatever correct button you want, press “Confirm Writing”.


All right, now you have a working BMW key. It can be generated with Autel KM100 Key Programmer as well.


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