Autel IM508 Program 2003 BMW 730LI E66 CAS2 All Keys Lost

Autel MaxiIM IM508 Scan Tool is able to program 2003 BMW 730LI E66 CAS2 all smart keys lost by OBD. Fast and easy in minutes, following I’m gonna show how to do it.


Connect IM508 to OBD & XP400Pro programmer.

Insert new key into ignition.

Turn Hazard light to protect car from going to sleep mode.


IMMO >> BMW >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Check vehicle info >> Control Unit – CAS2 Immobilizer >> Vehicle info

Frequency: 315MHz

Key code: HA00028050(can be used for key cutting)


Go to Immo status scan…

Quantity CAS Keys: 3

All keys lost >> OK

This process need Internet WIFI.


Turn ignition on.

We don’t have working keys, so it cannot turn on.

Semi-smart >> All keys lost, Start


Put new key into XP400Pro coil hole, press “OK”.

Wait Autel IM508 processing…

Generating new key success.

Insert key into slot & start engine 1 time.


Whether new key can start engine? Yes


Return back to Immo status scan again.

Key quantity has added to 4.


Test the remote now, it also works well.



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