Autel IM508 Clone 2011 VW Golf ID48 Transponder Success

Since new features have been added for some time, today we’re going to try copy ID48 transponder with Autel MaxiIM IM508 Key Programmer. To clone the 2011 VW Golf working key. Same operations are available on Autel IM608 Key Programming Tool as well.


Tools required

Autel IM508

XP400/ XP400 Pro Programmer

ID48 working key




Connect Autel IM508 into OBD2 port,

IMMO >> Accept >> Volkswagen >> Smart selection >> Yes >> OK >> ESC >> Clone 48 key


A blank key must be a cloned key(its ID is modifiable).

Press “Yes” to continue.

Insert the working key and turn ignition ON.


IM508 will start reading data automatically…

Select key ID, it’s 11A920C4, press “OK”.

Performing key cloning, please wait…


Place a working key into XP400/ XP400 Pro key slot, press “OK”.

(Actually it does mean a new blank key.)


Key cloned successfully.

Test the new key, it can start the car.



This is ID48 transponder key clone using with Autel IM508 & XP400 programming tool.