Autel Elite 2 Pro Benz/BMW Programming & Coding Features

Latest Autel MaxiSys Elite II Pro diagnostic scanner supports a wider coverage and higher accuracy on programming & coding than other brands. Especially for Mercedes-Benz and BMW models. Let’s see what’s new in the feature this time.


  1. Autel Post-programming learning function, which solves special functions that may need to do after Benz programming.


  1. Autel Benz Programming Restoration function is used to restore system software to a previously programmed version.


  1. Autel Benz Vehicle configuration synchronization function is used to synchronize the code from similar model to the current model.


  1. Autel Benz Read/write adjustment value is used to solve the problem of frustration in transmission hanging gear.


  1. Autel Benz programming/customization can display target value and current value, which is more friendly than other brands.


  1. Autel Benz SCAN coding supports mass data matching that can automatically calculated according to the solution of customer’s problem. Also supports to verify the accuracy of SCAN and re-select the code data.


Elite2 Pro vs. Other Brands

Function Autel Elite 2 Pro Other Brand Coverage & Features
Post-programming learning function × 1. Supports all systems with programming functions;

2. Integrated to solve the learning process, matching and other special functions required after programming. One-key solves the fault code after programming.

Programming Restoration × 1. Supports all systems with programming functions;

2. Solves the problem that may need to restore system software to previous version after system upgrade.

Vehicle configuration synchronization × 1. Supports all system.

2. Troubleshoot faults caused by incorrect SCN coding.

Read/write adjustment value × 1. Supports all gearbox of new models.

2. Solve the problem of transmission gear stop.

Programming/customization × 1. Supports all system of new models.

2. Allows to customize the vehicle coding configuration.



  1. Autel BMW programming integration level supports to 2211. Currently supports HTTP programming & high voltage system programming in some entertainment system more than 1 years ahead of other brands(while other brands are not supported at present).


  1. Autel BMW programming supports automatically calculate programming files, personalized data backup and programming history, which is easier to use and greatly reducing programming risks. The programming speed is more than 3 times faster than other brands.


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