Autel Automotive Diagnostic Software Update

Autel latest software released in February, 2022. Covering diagnostics, IMMO, TPMS & CV. Keep up to date the latest Autel software version to avoid missing out any new additions.

  1. Diagnostic functions added for 2021 models

Work for BMW, Nissan Sentra, Toyota and most vehicles.

Including oil reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, brake bleed, aftertreatment, immo keys, injector, SAS, suspension, throttle, WIN DR ROOF, seats, odometer, lang change, headlamp, miscellaneous function & trans adaption.

  1. CV updates include misfire test

Special function >> Key ON engine OFF(KOEO) procedures >> Injection quantity adjustment(IQA)

Here we can modify value of 6 injectors.

  1. Immobilizer functions added for 2021 Corolla

Immo functions include number of keys, add smart key, erase smart key, smart box reset(all smart keys lost), back up immobilizer data, generate analog key, ECU synchronization learning.

  1. TBE200 adds generate report function