Autel AutoLink AL519 Reviews

Jack Ason: I want a scanner for most OBDII & CAN-bus protocol car models, I need original not copy, but not too expensive, I only want it do basic OBDII diagnostic, such as: Read codes, Erase codes, Live data, View Freeze frame, Retrieving I/M Readiness Status.

My friend recommends me Autel AutoLink AL519, says it can meet my need.

I ordered one with 3 language English, French and Spanish (I was told it is available more language package, if you want to order, confirm with them), paid 120USD (Autel AutoLink AL519 sells 80USD + 40USD shipping cost). Arrived this week, looks like that in the website, same color, same specification and same package, came with AutoLink AL519 red main unit, 16pin cable, USB cable, user manual and CD.

AutoLink AL519 is handheld, no need to connect with computer when it is used to diagnose. USB cable is used to connect with computer for printing and upgrading.

Like any other handheld OBD2 code reader, Autel AL519 has 3 colors led display options (green, yellow and red), and some buttons  (I/M, up, down, left, right, OK, ESC, help) for choosing. It’s very easy to use, like playing one mobile phone.

After tested, Autel AL519 can do as follows: Manufacturer Specific DTCs, I/M Reading Status, Freeze Frame, Datastream, Data Graphing, Vehicle Information, On-Screen DTC Definition, Built-in-DTC Lookup and DTC Cause/Tips. After reading out fault codes I print diagnostic data via PC.
Autel autolink Al519 function
As I expected, Autel AL519 covers the cars with global OBDII and CAN protocol, I successfully test on 2006 jeep WD3.7, jeep grand cherokee 2.7 crd 2004 and bmw e39 2000.

I haven’t updated Autel AL519 yet, I already have the newest software, but it is original from Autel Company, I believe it will not have problem.


More experience about Autel AutoLink AL519, welcome to come back to reading my post.