Aute TS501 OBD Relearn 2016 Acura MDX TPMS Sensors

Here I’m gonna show how to do OBD relearn for 2016 Acura MDX TPMS sensor with Autel MaxiTPMS TS501. It’s very straightforward to do the Honda/Acura OBD relearn procedure. The process also applies to Autel TS508WF TPMS Tool.


TPMS >> Acura >> MDX >> 01/2016-12/2020(315MHz)


Take TS501 and go over the tires, we can get a reading of all the sensors.

Just like this, get it on the tire stem, click the middle button.

Perfect! We can see it was read on TS501.

Now it tells to go over the other tire…

After 4 sensors were read out, we should set them into the car.



Plug Autel TS501 into OBD2 port, which is on the driver’s side.

Diagnostic >> TPMS diagnostic >> OBD Relearn

The next step you need to keep the connection between the device and the vehicle OBD port, and then drive vehicle between 16mph(25km/h) and 64 mph(100km/h) within 5 minutes to complete OBD relearn.


Follow the prompts to start moving the car…

Keep vehicle speed to reach the suggestion value.

OBD relearn, please wait…

OBD relearn success.


There’s no longer a TPMS light issue on the dashboard.


So it’s super simple to use Autel TS501, which is highly recommend. I picked it out around €187 from It’s well worth to have the tool versus actually having to take the car to a mechanic.



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