Audi Q5 All Key Lost Programming done by Autel IM608 PRO

Have Audi Q5 2009-2012 with All Key Lost to program, used Autel MaxiIM IM608 with XP400 Pro (make sure the you also connect your XP400 Pro and MaxiFlash J2534 connected to the car). The key learning procedure is to read IMMO data, make dealer key, key adaption to vehicle, test if the key can work.

Car information:

Car model and year: Audi Q5 2009-2012

Part # 8T0959754A


Slot Key without comfort access


Okay batteries that a vehicle please program your own risk I am not responsible or reliable for any mistake that you make.


Alright, as you guys can see I have a MaxiFlash J2534 connected to my OBD2 port,

and then I have my APC cable connected from my MaxiFlash to my Autel IM608 Pro tablet, make sure that you also connect your XP400 Pro, because we’re going to make a dealer key.

So this car has a dead battery, so we connected our jumper to the front by the windshield wipers there’s a little door, little hatch, you can open it has a little plus sign on it connect your positive cable by the strum there’s a negative cable.

Okay so first thing we gotta do you guys go ahead and turn on those emergency lights.

Okay make sure that is on.

Now let’s go ahead go “IMMO”.

Scroll down to select Audi.

Now the first thing we’re gonna do is go into “smart selection”.

We’re gonna go ahead and input VIN manually, we cannot read the vin guys, so we’re gonna go ahead and put it manually.

Alright, so after you have enter your vin you’re going to see the vehicle information make sure that matches up and press yes.

Now, basically you guys, “key learning ” function will first clear all working keys, then learn keys available. “Remote Control Learning” function will first clear all working remotes, then learn remotes available. Before using these functions, please ensure that all keys are prepared.

OK guys, we press OK.

So now to establish vehicle communication.

Right now asking is the currently inserted key a dear key /a locked key / a learned key, so just make sure it says no.

So let’s go back, we’re gonna go to key learning.

The first thing I’m gonna do is gonna read IMMO data.

I’m gonna give us a sign a law that says the generous BCM, the BCM is usually located in the trunk of the vehicle, so go ahead open the door on the right hand side there’s going to be a little trapdoor, go ahead open that up there’s gonna be a little black box inside that says bcm.

so as soon as you see that sign or the notice that says the generous bcm you’re gonna go ahead and unplug the cable from the bcm.

Okay, as you can see, please generalize bcm and plug the cables, you’re going to come back press OK.

Then I’m going to tell you to power on bcm, so they’re going to go back to the bcm, we’re going to connect everything up and press OK again.

Alright guys, so after you power on the bcm, we’re gonna go ahead and finish reading IMMO data as you can see, it’s almost done, it’s almost finished.

And then we’re gonna go ahead and make a dealer key alright guys after we’re done reading the IMMO data, our next step would be to make a dealer key, it’s going to ask us if we need to make a dealer key, we’re going to press yes.

And then please put a blank key in the XP400 Pro programmer keyhole and then press [OK].

Sort of finishing up that dealer key, if you have another key that you want to generate, go ahead and put it inside the xp 400 Pro slot and press yes.

The next step would be to do the “key adaptation to vehicle” what we’re gonna do is go ahead and put the key inside the ignition.

It’s going to ask how many keys we want to put into, press one.

We only have one key to do so we’re going to press OK.

So it’s telling us right now that if the vehicles a transponder and put in sequence the keys that need to be learned, so we’re gonna go ahead and put the first key and press OK.

We successfully program the key to the Audi.

So we’re gonna go ahead and turn off the emergency lights, you can see the currently inserted key a dear key /a locked key / a learned key, all are yes.

We’re gonna go ahead and check our key, make sure that we successfully programmed it, although the car does have a low battery, so it’s not going to start, but you will hear trying to crank up, we’re gonna go ahead and test our mode make sure it works.

Hope it helps!

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