2024 Best Picks: Autel MP900BT, Otofix D1 Lite/Pro Review

Today I’m going to give a short review on my best picks of diagnostic scanners in 2024. They are Autel MaxiPRO MP900BT, OTOFIX D1 LITE and D1 PRO scan tool.


Autel MP900Z-BT is a step up from the 808 version. So it’s got faster processor, a newer operating system and more RAM. It’s got all the improved stuff and of course it’s an Autel, so it only comes with 1 year free update.


MP900BT does have kickstand in the back with camera. And it does support Wi-Fi printing. You can scan bar codes with it. Also, you can get a BT506 Battery Tester or MV108S Inspection Scope for it.



OTOFIX D1 Lite is very thin profile and lightweight awesome scan tool runs on Autel software. It’s sold by Autel, and you only register it on the Autel website. It comes with 2 years of free updates instead of typically 1 year.


The D1 Lite has a couple extra features. It’s very capable and affordable scan tool, probably the cheapest way to get into Autel software right here.



OTOFIX D1 Pro is much larger screen, bigger battery, faster processor, more storage and better resolution. As the D1 Lite, it runs on Autel software includes 2 years of free updates. This thing is sweet. This is an awesome scan tool that will probably become my new everyday scan tool.


Unfortunately, it does not have a kickstand on the back. But it does have a bunch of I/O on the top there. If you’re looking for a large screen diagnostic scanner, check this one.



So that’s my best picks in 2024, it all depends on what your likes or what you want.


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