What the idea of car OBD2

What the idea of car OBD2

When it comes to car network, the first thing that catches people’s minds is the vehicle OBD2. Three years ago, as people dream car OBD2 vehicle networking opens the door to “golden key” in the domestic market began to perk up. However, did not last long, the domestic test the water came into contact with an OBD2, are its “money scene” unlimited data interface fascinated, and this is the root cause of OBD2 road gets narrower.
With OBD2 decline, many people began to turn the car networking intelligent human-computer interaction systems, such as car navigation, voice dialing, micro-channel transceiver, automotive multimedia. As everyone knows, how much fun there is danger. Survey showed that: many of us who believe in driving micro transceiver, receive calls, brush microblogging, see friends circle, playing the self-timer, video capture and video chat, and these operations will continue under the so-called “hands free” on the premise lead to distraction, is very dangerous behavior. According to the US Department of Transportation data, distracted driving causes fatal accidents accounted for 10%.

It is time to put the fun in the name of intelligent drag kidnapped, then the smart car exactly how to play in order to play its biggest role? Tomonobu networking company car traffic network of intelligent terminals, can be regarded as a reference solution.
We often say, “forget the early heart, Fang was always” the same is true for a business. Founded in 2009, the opening of Tomonobu networking company, in his capacity as a neutral third party testing organization for technical breakthroughs, innovation, forming a total of 600,000 vehicles fault codes exact analytical networking systems to support the market nearly 400 kinds of mainstream models of cars ( We are constantly upgrading). By deploying cloud data, and a unique public cloud, private cloud technology, a build-seven functions and a full range of services in one of the closed-loop ecosystem services.

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