The global automotive industry’s top ten most hot news in 2015

The global automotive industry’s top ten most hot news in 2015

1, the Volkswagen erupted exhaust event  and company strategic transformation
Events Overview: September 2015, Volkswagen was exposed diesel-powered vehicles in the United States emissions data by software counterfeiters, followed by worldwide public investigation and allegations have been facing so large fines and compensation, even in the third quarter of the Volkswagen brand a rare loss of its market value has shrunk more than one third. Currently the public have been involved in fraud emission diesel and petrol vehicles a total of about 13 million, some analysts predict economic losses of up to $ 86 billion. It also makes public Piech to step down after the first half of the personnel turmoil intensified, replace all leader from CEO to the R & D; also forced to adjust the company’s strategic direction, it tends to be downplay the advertising slogans.

Comments: From a global perspective, the public “tail event” There is no doubt that the automotive industry is the year’s most explosive news. Which involves a wide range of far-reaching effects, the topic of the strong have no doubt. The scandal has not yet been corpuscles, leaving more than just a string of numbers so that the public grief, and this was the world’s largest (one) car prices under pressure to accelerate the transition from infrastructure, personnel, to promote its products have undergone a major shift. Pattern of a plurality of regions and the single market, but also shift after the event, and even rewritten.

2, Auto parts suppliers to accelerate mergers and combination together

Event Overview: 2015 automotive supplier industry usher in an unprecedented climax of mergers and acquisitions, both the frequency and scale have reached an unprecedented level. 2014 finalized ZF – TRW acquisition in the end of this year, to create the world’s second largest auto parts supplier; Antun’m finished shopping Magna interiors business, want to create maximum interior suppliers; NXP and fly thinking Carl merged to become the leader in automotive electronics; after the merger, Dow and DuPont, the chemical industry rule the roost in the car. Chinese enterprises to be outdone, the fifth of the Pirelli tire industry in enough income, the aircraft also annexed Haldex completed the largest transaction in the United States.

Comments: According to PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that in 2015 the auto parts industry mergers total turn over may create a new record of $ 48 billion. The reason why auto parts climax usher in mergers and acquisitions, largely due to component manufacturers believe that the scale and technical experience growth in demand, need powerful combination. Global regional markets in the United States led the pickup and SUV automobile market, to promote the combined parts suppliers; while car manufacturers have expansion in China, and to achieve recovery in Europe. After the supplier itself in parts, through the Great Depression, these companies have accumulated cash waiting for input applications, it laid the basis for the acquisition. The automotive industry, parts giant merger will form Matthew, follow-up impact will be apparent.

3, The outbreak of the new energy vehicle market demand led by China

Event Overview: pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell vehicles as the representative of the new energy vehicles was finally ushered in a large outbreak in 2015. According to the latest data, in November, the global electric car sales soared almost 115%, this year sales will exceed 500,000. The most dazzling Chinese market, has surpassed the US as the highest monthly sales of electric vehicles countries. Chinese companies are also outstanding, BYD electric cars among the multiple consecutive month of global sales list, Condi, public Taihe Beiqi also on the list. BYD Qin, Biyaditang, Condi panda, Beiqi E Series and the Thai public cloud 100 products ranks among the best-selling car. In addition to the explosive growth of electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles have begun to practical use, and usher in more new projects.

Comments: 2015 views by some called “the first year of the new energy vehicles in the true sense.” Even in the context of plummeting oil prices, global demand for new energy vehicles are still up in the subsidy policy and environmental pressures of multiple roles. On the one hand the Government to promote this growth factors do exist, on the other hand many of the seemingly impossible before node and the target is not far off, after all welcome. In this process, China is playing an increasingly important role, both as a new energy vehicles in China consumer market, or the Chinese car maker as a new energy vehicles. No doubt this will also bring new opportunities for more Chinese automotive industry.

4, the Internet industry repairer boom set off the autopilot and new energy into the direction

Event Overview: In Google as “Silicon Valley reached from the automotive world” after representatives of more Internet / IT industry companies have announced plans to enter the automotive industry. In addition CarPlay automotive systems, Google rival Apple is also brewing to expand the source of profits from the automotive sector, iCar perhaps one day from a dream into reality. More than the United States is fierce and faraway China, Baidu, music, as other Internet / IT industry giants have hand car manufacturer, Wei to car behind Tencent is the largest shareholder. In addition, intellectual superior car line, Xiaopeng automobiles and cars with Ranger, also have entered into the public eye. Yet to recognize the vehicle manufacturing program also millet patents for a number of cars. From the “new faces” in the planning of these car industry to see its products exclusively selected new energy vehicles and intelligent vehicles, even as a propaganda autopilot direction.

Comments: With the development of technology, the car will also be greatly intelligent, became one of the network nodes. The development direction of fit the Internet industry, but also the root of many Internet companies to enter the automotive industry. Compared with the traditional car companies, these new faces in the manufacturing field of natural difficult to match, in order to avoid weaknesses, play to our strengths in software and electronics, and cars become intelligent choice; traditional and new energy vehicles to car prices but also in terms of the “new track”, and reducing mechanical complexity, naturally for the Internet companies favor. Either car just made, we need adequate precipitation and pragmatic attitude, to reduce the difficulty does not mean there is no threshold, new runway does not mean newcomers win. These “Barbarians at the Gate,” the situation in the automotive sector can rewrite the extent, time still to be answered.

5, pushing emerging market policies to boost, China’s small-displacement car purchase tax by half

Event Overview: emerging markets in the second half of 2015 presented “out of fashion” trend. China is still holding up, but the rate is slowing down, and car prices have involved a price war, while Russia and Brazil and other countries the auto market continues to slump, with operations in these countries China’s car prices fell into decline. For this reason these governments have issued a policy to boost, is one of the representatives on October Chinese market small cars below 1.6 liters purchase tax by half, Russia has repeatedly thrown weapon subsidies, aimed at reversing the situation. In the second half of the fourth quarter, China ushered in the heating market, India is also the overall rise, but the Russian auto market is still pressure Alexander.

Comments: emerging markets in recent years, “cold” means that the market potential is not enough light, blind expansion of production capacity at risk. How to achieve sustainable development, whether government or business should always bear in mind. Government intervention, the impact is without doubt, even continued to fall in Russia, if not tens of billions of rubles in subsidies that the automobile market is bound to be more miserable. The subsidies in China is immediate. Security assurances from “big hand” is certainly reassuring, car enterprise also necessary to think that how to improve the risk of relying on the government power

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