Network Security Engineer via OBD penetration testing intrusion Chevrolet Corvette

Network Security Engineer via OBD penetration testing intrusion Chevrolet Corvette


IT researcher at the University of San Diego California via OBD2 port successfully invade a car(2013 Chevrolet Corvette),and remote
control some of functions

Network security researcher inserted a device at Corvette’s OBDII port in order to invade the security system of the vehicle to
achieve wiper switch at low speeds and state intervention in the operation of the brake system.

This is a case relate OBD port. In November Last Year , a car security firm names:”Argus Cyber ​​Security” and Network security engineer
remote control the vehicle functions through a section the OBD-II electronic dog called “Zubie” successfully;

in this year, The researchers of Digital Bond Labs also found an electronic information tracking dog security vulnerability, while more than two million customers of the proceeds insurers use this product in the United States

When General Motors company to respond in writing on Wednesday,to remind owners to use third-party devices on OBD-II with caution, “before consumer device is connected to the third-party OBD port, we encourage consumers to advance understanding of the device in its the potential impact caused the car. “

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